Stewardship Direction

You can Do It!


Trying to live out any aspect of your life in today' s world is hard.  But stewardship is so important!

You want to give to charity, but it seems impossible! Private education? Forget about it. Living on one income? Sigh. If you struggle to align your values with your pocketbook you are in the right place. You don't have to feel alone anymore.


Stewardship is a lifestyle that has so many rewards!


Stewardship over Coffee


Money Mindset

Learn about your money mindset and ways it affects your finances. Align your spending with your values and goals.

Budgeting Skills

Tracking your money is important. Learn about wants and needs, how to set up a personalized budget, and how to use a budget wisely. 

Debt Management

Credit and debt affect everyone. Getting help and advice when debt becomes a problem can help you find a path forward.