This money thing is hard.

But you are still called to good financial stewardship.


You don't tithe, but you want to...


Credit card debt is piling up and you can't seem to get out from under it...


Just when you think it's getting better - an unexpected emergency knocks you back down...

Trust me, I get it. 

You can do it. You will do it.

Financial stewardship is not a pipe dream. All you lack is the support to make it happen. When you have a crisis of faith, you call on your spiritual director to talk it over, get advice and work out a plan for your spiritual well-being. There's nothing like talking to a priest - an expert - who has seen and heard it all to give you the nudge you need to stay on the path.

financial stewardship family

Why would a financial crisis be any different?

Financial issues put tension on your marriage.

Paying the bills becomes an ordeal.

Unexpected expenses feel life-shattering.

You just don't know where the money goes.

Take action!

You have found your financial stewardship coach!

Talk to a compassionate listener.

Hear helpful, friendly advice.

Be motivated and encouraged.

Security. Peace of Mind. Joy.

That is how Financial Stewardship Coaching can help YOU.