Right now your life is out of balance.

Worrying about money takes away from enjoying your family. Good financial stewardship is for other people. Taking control of your finances fails every time. Despair and resignation are your constant companions. You think you are failing as a domestic church.

The cycle will continue until you change your mindset.

After you know your finances as well as you know your spouse, amazing things will happen. If you can take a step back see struggles objectively you can work to improve and create change. Integrating your financial life with the rest of your life brings peace.

Picture this life

You happily tithe to your parish without feeling guilty. Blessings are abundant! You don't feel guilty about where your kids go to school because you confidently make financial decisions in accordance with your faith and your goals. Real financial stewardship is yours and your family can weather any storm with confidence. 

I know your heart is heavy.

Finances are so important but equally taboo. You are just as embarrassed talking about money as the birds and the bees. Maybe you are praying for a miracle. As a favorite Christmas song says, "even a miracle needs a hand." Be not afraid! Stop for a moment, say a little prayer, and know that peace lies ahead and you will find it, with loving compassion and support along the way. 


Financial Stewardship is more than a numbers game

It's holistic. Truly it is. Anyone can reconcile a checkbook. But if you stop there, you will never make progress. As a family, it's vital to understand your current situation and where you want to go. Practice discerning every purchase until it's second nature to spend in alignment with your goals. Financial life is interwoven with all other aspects - your talents, your time, your blessings, and your suffering. It's a dynamic process that will ebb and flow with or without your attention. Confident money skills give you the ability to survive the lows and enjoy the highs without the burden of financial tension. 

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to look deep inside and discover how your vocation and your finances match up? Ready to take deliberate steps towards making things better? Peace and security with regard to financial stewardship are yours for the taking. Teach your children these important skills as you work towards goals as a family.  You were called to live life abundantly and it's time to get started.


Why Money Finesse?

You can get financial advice anywhere.

But can you trust it? Banks don't have your best interest in mind. There's a good chance you never learned about personal finance in school. Is your neighbor in the same situation as you are - does he even share your worldview?

Money Finesse is different!

I founded Money Finesse because I have seen and experienced financial stress. When I went off to college it was just the beginning of the era of credit card marketing to college students. I had no concept that when you carry credit card debt you end up paying way more than you spent in the first place! After graduating, I finally had a paycheck from the Navy and didn't know what to do with it. Investing? Nope. Saving? Not really. I acted like I had just jumped into a big swimming pool full of money. New car, new furniture. Everything had to be brand new. I was not living a stewardship lifestyle.

My materialistic, live-for-today mindset continued throughout my service and a few years past that. I got to the point where I had a new house (just for me) that required a substantial investment in landscaping (there was none) and appliances (also none), two cars (just for me), and had very little saved up for retirement. This was a whole new world of paying for health insurance, many utility bills (hey, I'd been renting!) and the like. 

Then it all came together.

You may not be surprised to hear that a chart of my financial and spiritual lifestyle would show a distinct correlation.  I had walked away from the Church, frustrated ashamed and scared. I was spending money to find happiness. Soon after, I scheduled a long session with a priest and unburdened myself for 10+ years of guilt and mistakes. 

Everything changed. Not overnight, but it changed. I started to live my life by a set of values. I met my husband at Mass. He was on a similar journey financially and spiritually. As we built our life together we made a choice to live thoughtfully, faithfully, and frugally even if it made us weird. We sold my extra car, bought a house we could afford and chose to not take on debt.  We decided I would stay at home, and four boys later we are still at it. Still with only our mortgage. Still living joyfully. 

It's not about stuff.

It's about faith and family. Live out your vocation. Be with your kids. Grow closer to God.  Abundant life starts when you begin to live all aspects of your life in light of faith. You've heard it all before and may not believe it's true. But it is. It is! I gave up a career to be home and I have never been happier. Our journey is not finished. There is always room to improve, but it can be done. Know that it can be done and you can do it.

Take the first step.

It's easy - the first step towards financial stewardship is to get started with a FREE discovery call.  What's a discovery call? It's where we talk a little about your story, your journey, and your goals.  Feel better knowing I'm in your corner cheering you on. We don't even have to talk numbers during this call. All we are doing is laying the foundation for your plan forward. 


The next step.

Your three month, personalized financial stewardship coaching program consists of:


  • Three monthly 1-hour calls (phone or video) where we can 
    • Discuss your progress
    • Talk through your struggles
    • Evaluate your stewardship and goals
    • Decide actions moving forward
  • Unlimited email or IM support (ask me anything!)
  • Templates and written reports you need for your stewardship journey
  • Subscription to the Money Finesse Newsletter with great tips, advice, and recommendations
  • Prayer support (because it's all connected, remember?)


Confidence in your financial life

Peace in your marriage

True financial stewardship

Joy from living according to your Catholic values

Introductory pricing
limited time only!


This wonderful stewardship program, designed to

decrease stress

increase peace of mind

help you discover your goals and dreams

is a great investment in you.

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